What We Do

Peak Pharma is focused on the healthcare business, specifically specialty branded and generic therapeutic products.


Peak uses its expertise and long-standing relationships within the pharma and biotech industries to either (1) acquire pharmaceutical assets and companies, or (2) partner with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to commercialize their therapeutic products.   Peak Pharma believes in the promise of strong brands that deliver effective therapeutics to patients in a cost-effective manner.


Peak Pharma’s objective is to “buy-build-and-grow” or “partner-build-and-grow” pharmaceutical assets, with the focus on creating long-term value for Peak Pharma’s investors and client companies.  Peak Pharma’s goal is to create multiple portfolio companies that have a common therapeutic focus or distribution channel coupled with multiple product lines and strong personnel, distribution and corporate infrastructure.


Peak Pharma is proud of its strong relationships with sellers in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as with its pharma and biotech partners.  Peak Pharma brings its vast experience in identifying and originating transactions, promptly performing due diligence, bringing financing and efficiently closing the deal.  Peak Pharma then brings its many operating resources in marketing and sales, managed care, manufacturing, logistics, clinical, regulatory and finance to bear for the benefit of its companies and partners.  The partners of Peak Pharma are not afraid to “roll up their sleeves" to get the deal done right and in a timely way.  Peak Pharma values integrity and professionalism in its dealings with others as we achieve peak sales, valuations and performance of its assets

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